In this particular hill called FOSSO CORNO (in the municipality of Roseto degli Abruzzi), the vineyards enjoy a unique microclimate with large temperature variations. On one side of the hill we enjoy the breezes due to the proximity of the sea while on the other side we enjoy a fresh wind that arrives from the Gran Sasso through the valleys to the Adriatic Sea. These climatic conditions give the grapes not only a special aromatic touch but guarantee at the same time their perfect ripening.

All this is offered to us by Nature and we all have the duty to respect and protect the EXTRAORDINARY BEAUTY of this territory.

We at FOSSO CORNO started already 6 years ago to manage our vineyards with care respecting the soil and plants, through mechanical processing. We decided to buy three machines that allow us to work the soil near the vines without causing damage. Moving the soil between the vines allows us not only to eradicate weeds but to eliminate surface roots and aerate the soil, all without having to resort to chemical herbicides.