Phase 1: defoliation

The defoliation of the plant consists in removing the leaves which cover the bunches to improve their aeration and insolation.This process is done in order to increase the amount of poliphenols, responsible of the color, the structure and the flavor of grapes and wines.

Phase 2: selection of the bunches

Thinning the grapes means wasting those bunches which won’t be used for the vinification, with the final goal of improving the quality of the wine obtaining the highest evenness of the grapes.

Phase 3: cut of the vine-shoots

When the grapes are ready for harvest, we cut the vine-shoots in order to stop the flow of the lymph between the roots and the bunches. Shoots slowly dry. This process of dehydration of the grapes, leads to a concentration of the fruity hints and to a higher softness of the tannins.

Phase 4: Drying process

Using this ‘appassimento’ technique on the plant, the concentration of the sugar increases and as a result the wine is richer in alcohol and smoothness.